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MISSION-Together, the family, school, and community will provide students the necessary resources in a safe, encouraging environment that supports innovative educational opportunities.

VISION-Your School of Choice:  Inspiring and Preparing Every Student, Every Day to be Responsible, Productive Citizens.

Morning Drop Off Procedure

High school student should be dropped off at the front high school doors and elementary students dropped off at the elementary gym doors. The front (main) doors and east high school doors will no longer be unlocked.

School Closings and Important Messages

School Closings will be sent per School Messenger, please make sure your information is up to date at the school.  Closing will also be posted on TV  channels 7 & 4,and 9 &10 and onacebook, remember to like us on Facebook.

OK2SAY is a Michigan student safety program. It is designed to empower Michigan students, parents, school personnel, community mental health service programs, and law enforcement to share and respond to student safety threats. Anyone can confidentially submit tips 24/7 using the OK2SAY app, online, texting 652729 (OK2SAY), or by calling 8-555-OK2SAY.



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2/24/2020 Varsity Girls & Boys Basketball @ Boyne Falls 6:00 pm Bus Leaves at 3:30 pm
02/19/2020 Varsity Girls & Boys Basketball Home vs Fairview 6:00 pm
02/21/2020 Varsity Girls & Boys Basketball Home vs Alcona 6:00 pm
Atlanta Community Schools places 18.00 Non-Homestead Millage on Ballot
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Atlanta Community Schools places 18.00 Non-Homestead Millage on Ballot

Atlanta Community Schools will ask voters whether to renew the 18 mill non-homestead millage on
Election Day, Tuesday, March 10, 2020. Please vote!
Is this a new tax? NO. This would be a renewal of the 18 mills on non-homestead property that has been levied by all Michigan schools since 1994. The locally collected 18 mills is a significant portion of the basic funding formula for Michigan schools.
School Funding Overview
School Districts receive most of their funding on a per pupil basis. This per pupil amount is the
basic funding formula of Proposal A that was passed in 1994. This basic funding is call the
Foundation Allowance
The Foundation Allowance accounts for 72% of the district’s total revenue.  Atlanta’s 2019-2020 foundation allowance is the state’s minimum amount of $8,111 per pupil.  Atlanta’s main source of funding is the $8,111 per pupil multiplied by the number of students attending our school.  
The Foundation Allowance of $8,111 comes from two sources.  Local $ is collected by the levy of 18 mills and equates to 91% or $1,836,379 of the foundation allowance State $ is received to fund the remaining portion of the $8,111 per pupil. This equates to only 9% of the foundation allowance.  The state does not replace the revenue lost in the event local school district voters fail to approve the collection of the 18 mill levy.
Key Points to Keep in Mind
This is not a new tax. This is a renewal of a tax that has been in effect for 25 years.  The tax is necessary to collect our full foundation allowance, which we need in order to maintain quality educational programs for our students.  The tax will have NO IMPACT on primary residence’s property tax bills. This millage is paid by owners of non-homestead property. This millage will NOT affect the homestead property or the qualified agricultural property. The millage will only be levied on the non-homestead property and on the non-qualified agricultural property. This millage will only be levied on such things as apartment buildings, rental homes, vacation homes, some vacant land, and commercial/industrial properties. This is not a millage that is levied on a primary home.