We're so excited that you're interested in joining our Huskie Pack! 

Please look through the following information about enrollment here at Atlanta Community Schools (ACS) and contact the school office with any questions. We're happy to help!

Getting Started

ACS uses paper enrollment packets. Please come to the school office to pick up a packet, or use the links below to print the packet yourself. 

2024-2025 Kindergarten Packet

1st through 12th grade Packet 

Other helpful documents:

School Office Contact Info

PK-12 Secretary
Phone: 989-785-4842
Fax: 989-785-2588
Office hours: M-F, 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Office months: Middle of August through middle of June

Enrollment FAQs

How do I enroll my child at Atlanta Community Schools?

  • If you live in our district, you can enroll any time. If you live out of district, please refer to the "School of Choice" info. To enroll, complete the enrollment packet found attached on this page or from the school office. Complete the packet, provide the extra documents and turn it all in to the school office. Once received by the school, the school will request records from the previous school and the student will usually be able to start within a few days. If you're enrolling at the beginning of the year, the school office won't be open until around the third week of August (though you can still call Central Office with any questions). 

What extra documentation is needed for enrollment?

  • To enroll in any public school in Michigan, the following documentation is needed:
    • proof of residency (parent's driver's license, utility bill, etc.)
    • student's birth certificate
    • any court documentation
    • up-to-date immunization record (from doctor or health department)
    • special services documentation (IEP, speech, 504 plan, etc.)
    • student's high school transcript and current schedule (if possible, it is helpful to have this info when enrolling in the middle of the school year)
  • Kindergarten has additional requirements:
    • Health Appraisal (signed by health professional)
    • Dental Assessment (signed by health professional)
    • Vision Screening 
    • Prior Care information

What's School of Choice?

  • School of Choice allows students who do not live in our district to enroll in our school. Our School of Choice open enrollment window is two weeks before and after the first day of school (usually the end of August), and two weeks before and after the first day of second semester (usually the end of January). 

Can I complete the enrollment process online?

  • No. Atlanta does not currently have an online system for enrollment. 

When can I enroll my child in Kindergarten? 

  • A student must be 5 years of age by September 1, no later than December 1, of the start of the school year to enroll in kindergarten. Our school has a special evening for upcoming kindergartners and their families in April (Kindergarten Round-up) prior to the start of kindergarten for a chance to complete enrollment paperwork, learn to prepare for kindergarten, see the classroom and school, meet the teacher, etc.). Families may turn in enrollment packets for kindergarten beginning in April prior to the start of kindergarten. 

Is the enrollment process different for Huskies @ Home?

  • Our 7-12th grade online option, Huskies @ Home, is available by principal-approval only. The enrollment process is the same as the regular face-to-face option, but will include extra parent meetings.