Board of Education

Atlanta Board of Education Members

Below is the information for the current Board of Education members.

Amy Corbin, President
Term Expiration:December, 2024

Tom Morton, Vice President
Term Expiration: December, 2024

Doris Smith, Secretary
Term Expiration: December, 2022

Jessica Kent, Trustee
Term Expiration: December, 2022

Cody Stevens, Trustee
Term Expiration: December, 2022

John Kaszonyi, Trustee
Term Expiration: December, 2022

Pam Parsons, Treasurer
Term Expiration: December, 2022

Board of Education - Meeting Dates

The Atlanta Community Schools Board of Education meets on the Third Monday of each month to discuss important matters regarding the growth of Atlanta Community Schools. All meetings will be held in the ITV Room #ES188. Click here for a downloadable PDF of the dates.  

All regular meetings begin at 6:00 pm and are held on the third Monday of each month. 

JULY 19, 2021                                                           JANUARY 17, 2022
AUGUST 16, 2021                                                     FEBRUARY 21, 2022
SEPTEMBER 20, 2021                                              MARCH 21, 2021
OCTOBER 18, 2021                                                  APRIL 18, 2021
NOVEMBER 22, 2021 (4TH MONDAY)                     MAY 16, 2021              
DECEMBER 20, 2021                                                JUNE 20, 2021

                                                               SPECIAL MEETINGS





The Board of Education welcomes everyone to the meetings and encourages your constructive participation. Listed are the details and speaking points that were addressed in past meetings.
Minutes are available in the Central Office